Terrible traffic!

Terrible traffic! I never went downtown during a holiday.My hometown is the most popular tourist destination in China, both for Chinese and foreigners.There will be millions of visitors rushing into

When I was a child…

When I was a child… When I was a child, my parents could barely fill my little stomach. A family of five jammed in a house of 48 square meters.

Blocking Google, Blocking the Future

Modern society has two major features: information explosion and knowledge-based economy. And they have a great connection with searching engine, which is Google as it is the monopoly on this market.In an

TV: Unbelievable Review (Spoiler)

Unbelievable Review (Spoiler) A teenager was raped in Seattle in 2008.She was an orphan and had some nuisance behavior, so when none of the evidence could be found, the detectives

Forbidden BBQ

The weather was so nice and blue these days, so I would like to throw a BBQ. I purchased a lot of food, including shrimps, sauries, capelins, cuttlefish balls, fish tofu,

2019 Reading List

2019 Reading List: Emily, Cooper Jilly , 1.2, 4w, 4k Ancillary Justice, Ann Leckie, 2.5, 11.3w, 5.2k  Dune, Frank Herbert, 2.15, 7.7w, 5.7k All the Birds in the Sky, Charlie

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