Forbidden BBQ

The weather was so nice and blue these days, so I would like to throw a BBQ. 
I purchased a lot of food, including shrimps, sauries, capelins, cuttlefish balls, fish tofu, chicken and gristle, etc. 
But I was surprised when we came to the BBQ ground near the river bank. 
The BBQ camp was annihilated by the Urban Management Dept. And there was a car with three UM officers sitting inside to prevent citizens from having a BBQ there.
So we walked a few hundred meters up the river bank to set up our grill.
But two UM officers followed and intervened us when we were starting the fire.
We had no choice but to walk further.
Finally, we found a clearing out of the UM officers’ sight and made the BBQ.
Everyone was happy so we called it a night.