TV: Unbelievable Review (Spoiler)

Unbelievable Review (Spoiler)

A teenager was raped in Seattle in 2008.
She was an orphan and had some nuisance behavior, so when none of the evidence could be found, the detectives who were in charge of the investigation turned their suspicions to her and made her withdraw her case, and charged her for foul report.
Three years had passed, another rape occurred in Colorado. Fortunately, this time the investigation was led by a capable female detective. She followed the clues jumping into another brilliant woman detective in another district whose case had the same patterns with hers. They assumed this was a serial rapist. The two powerful and competent women built up a joint force and solved a lot of puzzles. Finally, they secured the culprit and put him into jail. When they were checking the offender’s media records, they found pictures of the Seattle girl. It turned out that she was the first prey.
If the Seattle detectives did their job, the rapist would not have committed so many crimes in the next couple of years.
This is a feminist TV series based on a true story reported by a Pulitzer winner article.
It is interestint that husbands and male police officers were put at an associated situation.
To be honest, this is a blockbuster.
No sex, no gunshot, no blood and special effects, the director narrated an attractive story. Awesome!

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